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UPC barcode 899568002263 is for product FertileQQ ULTRA Ubiquinol (QH) plus PQQ to BOOST Mama's 2B Natural Reproductive Support, #1 Formula for Support of Mitochondria Egg Cell Health - Doctor Recommended Fertility Formula.

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  • Advanced Natural Fertility Support
  • FertileQQ ULTRA is a preconception support formulation that combines the active form of CoQ10 (QH-Ubiquinol) with PQQ (NaturalPQQ).
  • PQQ is a newly discovered coenzyme (antioxidant) that may protect against mitochondrial damage and promotes the regeneration of new mitochondria, a process called Mitochondrial Biogenesis. PQQ supports cell protection from oxidative stress and aging.
  • Adding PQQ to the diet may improve Fertility Success. Sufficient PQQ levels in the body may support fertility and reproduction by promoting cellular health and mitochondrial function.
  • Ubiquinol is the active form of CoQ10, an active coenzyme (antioxidant) that provides mitochondrial support and function.

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EAN : 0899568002263
Brand : extreme V, Inc
Manufacturer : extreme V, Inc

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