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UPC barcode 882689084195 is for product ATOMIC Aquatics Full Foot Split Fins for Scuba Diving & Snorkeling | Durable High-Performance Swimming Fins with Split Blade, Black, 4.5-5.5 (37/38)

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  • SPLITFIN DESIGN - The Atomic Scuba Diving Fins slice through the water with two wing-shaped surfaces, creating lift and forward propulsion like a propeller; The Split Fin swims with less effort and strain resulting in greater sustained speed and power
  • PROPELLER-FIN TECHNOLOGY - Swim with more propulsion and less effort with this easy to kick Snorkel Flippers; The SplitFins use Propeller-Fin Technology to deliver high speeds with a rapid flutter kick as a boat propeller accelerates it to higher speeds
  • POWER RAILS - The backbone of the Atomic Swimming Fins, the highly resilient power rails, store and release energy with every kick; Proprietary and exclusive to Atomic Aquatics, this material will not deteriorate or lose its resiliency
  • FLEX BATTENS - Semi-rigid battens set in the soft elastomeric blade control the precise wing shape to optimize thrust and reduce drag; Durable and highly flexible hinge points between the battens cause the blade to react quickly to the slightest kick
  • ANATOMICALLY CORRECT FOOT POCKET - The Scuba Flipper has a stiff foot pocket, contoured to fit your foot without stress points, with a semi-open toe for added comfort; The Snorkeling Fins also feature the patented EZ-LOK Buckle System for high performance

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EAN : 0882689084195
Brand : Atomic
Manufacturer : Atomic

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