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UPC barcode 881314376315 is for product Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel– 16 Oz Squeeze, 7-in-1 Diesel Fuel Additive – Prevents Gelling and Fuel Line Freeze-Ups – Boosts Cetane – Cleans Injectors – Improves Performance, Amber

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Product Details

  • Anti-Gelling Formula - Reduces the formation of wax crystals in diesel fuel during cold weather, to keep fuel flowing smoothly and prevent it from clogging the system or fuel filter
  • Improves Cold Starts - Significantly enhances cold-weather performance and disperses moisture to prevent fuel line freeze-ups, even in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Keeps Fuel System Healthy - Acts as a fuel injector cleaner and lubricity additive to reduce engine wear and keep your vehicle healthy, efficient, and performing at peak capacity
  • Boosts Cetane - Improves vehicle performance by boosting cetane up to 7 points and helping any diesel engine to burn fuel efficiently, no matter the weather
  • Improves Combustion - Maximizes your MPG's and reduces DPF regens, helping you save at every fill-up by keeping your fuel system at peak performance and your diesel fuel at top quality

Technical Details

EAN : 0881314376315
Brand : Hot Shot's Secret
Manufacturer : Lubrication Specialties, Inc.

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