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UPC barcode 860006994532 is for product Focus Drops - Nootropic Brain Support Supplement - Focus, Memory, Concentration, Learning Accuracy, and Reasoning with Lions Mane, Rhodiola Rosea, and Schisandra - Herbal Liquid Droppers (14 Servings)

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Product Details

  • Memory, Focus, Clarity. Dao Drops is a nootropic, meaning that it was formulated to help support memory and cognition. The unique combination in this blend is skillfully crafted to help support oxygen and circulation in the brain.
  • High quality nootropic - our brain supplement may help enhance cognitive function through its highly effective ingredients that may help improve memory, focus, mental clarity and alertness.
  • Stress & Mood Support. Rhodiola Rosea, Lions Mane, Eleuthero and Schisandra have been used for centuries to support mental performance.
  • Rhodiola Rosea is scientifically proven to enhance performance on work-related tasks and reduce mental fatigue.
  • Lions Mane Mushroom is deemed a natural nootropic, which is renowned for improving cognitive abilities. It can also enhance your immune system and repair damage to the nerves.

Technical Details

EAN : 0860006994532
Brand : Dao Drops
Manufacturer : Dao Drops

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