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UPC barcode 860005674527 is for product PINK RHINO LABS Swedish Dishcloths for Kitchen – Absorbent Kitchen Towels and Dishcloths Sets - Reusable Paper Towels - Dish Cloths for Washing Dishes and Cleaning Kitchen – Cellulose Sponge Cloths

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  • Better for You, Better for Earth – Zero waste products: Our kitchen cloth uses biodegradable, compostable 70% cellulose, 30% cotton (original Swedish dish cloth) and cornstarch packaging. An eco friendly, all natural cellulose sponge cloth that is dishwasher and washing machine safe can last for months; 1 Swedish dish clothes replaces 5 sponges or 15-17 paper towel rolls. Dries faster than absorbent kitchen towels & contains no plastic unlike microfiber cleaning cloth for glasses and other uses.
  • Tough, Super Absorbent Towels – Soaking up 20X its weight Swedish Dish Cloths are more absorbent than 100% cotton cloth, dishrags, kitchen cleaning towels, kitchen rag, reusable kitchen wipes, reusable cleaning wipes, chamois and many super absorbent kitchen towels. Washable up to 50 times; 140°F/60°C top rack of a dishwasher or toss into a washing machine. Air drying is recommended to avoid shrinking. Great for wiping up spills/messes in any household but especially for families with children.
  • Odor Resistant, Quick Dry – Many reusable cleaning cloths, reusable paper towels washable roll, papaya reusable paper towels or reusable paper towels reusable/washable do not dry quick enough and in turn harbor bacteria and germs (stinky dishcloth, washcloth, washrag)
  • Versatile Smooth & Patterned Sides – Other Swedish cloth or reusable kitchen towels may provide no scrubbing power. Our Swedish sponge cloth is smooth on one side with diamond pattern (better than striped) on the other. Great for all kinds of cleaning: washing & drying dishes, countertops, appliances, bathroom (mirror, sink, tub, shower), office, windows, glasses streak free, granite, marble, stainless steel (oven hoods, fridge), tile, wood (furniture), plastic, interior car detailing, etc.
  • The Pink Rhino Labs Approach – We have tested sizes, materials, patterns and packaging until we found the most workable combination for you! Our premium kitchen cleaning cloths come from Europe unlike many cheap, thinner, less effective options. This cellulose dish cloth works like magic, a sponge cloth crossed with reusable towels! Our European dish cloth is more than a paper towel replacement cloth or reusable towel for kitchen. We stand behind this quality with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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EAN : 0860005674527
Manufacturer : PINK RHINO LABS

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