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UPC barcode 855168007053 is for product NOMO Motion Sickness Relief Bands for Kids | Motion Sickness Bands with Peppermint & Acupressure Bands All-in-One Relief | 30-Second Nausea Relief Band | Petite to Small | Nude | Pack of 2

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  • Instant Nausea Relief: NOMO Nausea Kid’s Motion Sickness Bands are the perfect solution for little ones dealing with motion sickness, nausea, or a common cold. These innovative motion sickness bracelets combine soothing peppermint essential oils and acupressure into one powerful forearm relief band for motion sickness and nausea.
  • Pure Comfort: Discover a drug-free, all-natural remedy relief band for your child, ready to conquer nausea, motion sickness on the road and sea, tummy troubles, flu, dental procedures, or those pesky upset stomach moments with ease.
  • Unstoppable Performance: No matter what adventures your children embark on, these motion sickness bands by NOMO Kids are up to the challenge. Effortless to use, mess-free, and, most importantly, waterproof, they're your perfect travel companion for boat, plane, or car journeys, and even your trusty sidekick during handwashing and shower time.
  • Enduring Comfort: Experience extended and swift relief with these remarkable bands. Choosing this natural aid means opting for superior and lasting support.
  • Scientifically Endorsed: The clinically endorsed nausea relief band that springs into action within 30 seconds, curbing vomiting, soothing the mind, and ensuring your child's tummy troubles vanish into thin air.

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EAN : 0855168007053
Brand : no mo nausea
Manufacturer : Darna & Company

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