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UPC barcode 795891079203 is for product KOKKOYA 4-in-1 Survival Paracord 550 Paracord 550 Fire Cord Paracord 10 Strand, 5/32" Diameter U.S. Military Type III 550 Parachute Cord with Integrated Fishing Line, Fire-Starter Tinder

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  • Features:This survival cord paracord is measured 5/32 inches in diameter and 103 feet in length.It has exciting life-saving multifunction,inside including :1 PE braided fishing line(40lb), 1 red waterproof flax fire tinder and 1 cotton thread.The Life-saving strands can catch fish or food, make instant fire, sew the clothes or wound, set traps.
  • 1 Waterproof Waxed Linen Tinder:The 0.3mm incendive linen soaked in wax water which is the best fire-starting strand on the market can help you light a fire in an emergency,even in heavy rain because it's waterproof for the wax treament.
  • 1 Fishing Line & Cotton Thread:Our Paracord Rope come with a Dyneema PE braid fishing line,40 lb test, much higher strength than nylon,can be used for sea or river fishing,or invisible rope traps for snakes and hares.Paracord for Survival Paracord with cotton thread can help to sew clothes or wounds in an emergency.
  • Power Paracord:This great Type III Paracord is the most multifunctional and priced close to ordinary 550 paracord.Outside Survival Gear has higher strength than ordinary parachute cord 550, with better elasticity and softness.

Technical Details

EAN : 0795891079203
Manufacturer : KOKKOYA

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