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UPC barcode 789458462584 is for product 45W UL Listed Charger for HP Laptop Model 14-DK 14-DQ 14-DF 14-DH 14-DS 14-FQ:14-DF0023CL DF0018WM 14-DK0731MS DK1025WM DK0002DX DK0028WM DK0022WM DK0024WM 14-DQ1033CL DQ0002DX 14-FQ1025NR FQ1021NR

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Product Details

  • Emaks POWER SPECS : Input:AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz;Power:45W ;Output:19.5V 2.31A;Connector:4.5mm*3.0mm
  • Compatible:HP laptop/pavilion 14 14-BS000 14-CE0000 14-CF0000 14-CK0000 14-DK0000 14-DG0000 14-DQ0000 14-DF0000 14-DY0000 14-FQ0000:14-BS057CL 14-CF0014DX 14-CF0006DX 14-CF1013DS 14-CF0012DX 14-CF1011DS;14-DK1013DX 14-DK1003DX 14-DK1004DX 14-DK1022WM 14-DK1035WM 14-DK0731MS 14-DK0002DX 14-DK0020NR 14-DK1032WM 14-DK0028WM 14-DK0022WM 14-DK0024WM 14-DK0072NR;14-DQ0002DX DQ0004DX DQ1035CL DQ1033CL DQ1038WM DQ1088WM DQ0005DX DQ1025CL DQ1089WM DQ1004LA DQ0061LA DQ006LA DQ0002WM 14-DF0XXX 14-FQ0XXX
  • Fit for 14-CE3065ST 14-CE0068ST 14-CE2068ST 14-DF0023CL 14-DF0018WM 14-DF0053OD;14-DG000NC 14-DG0003NC 14-DG0011DX14-DG0521SA;14-DH2011NR 14-DH1003DX 14-DH1001DX 14-DH2010NR 14-DH2671CK 14-DH2051WM 14-DH2041WM 14-DH2075NR 14-DH2075CL 14-DH1021NE;14-DS0013DX 14-DS0036NR 14-DS0020NR 14-DS0120NR 14-DS0040NR 14-DS0061CL 14-DS0100NR 14-DS0030NR 14-DS0010NR ,14-FQ0013DX 14-FQ0041NR 14-FQ0025OD 14-FQ0070NR 14-FQ0036CL 14-FQ0040NR 14-FQ0032MS 14-FQ1025NR
  • Fit for:14-CK0001LA 14-CK2098LA 14-CK2091LA 14-CK0013LA 14-CK0061ST 14-CKOO61ST 14-DQ2055WM 14-DQ0004DX 14-DQ0005DX 14-DQ1043CL 14-DQ0005CL 14-FQ1020NR 14-FQ0020NR 14-FQ0060NR 14-FQ0045NR 14-FQ0060NR 14-FQ0039NR 14-DQ0060NR 14-DQ2XXX 14M-BA011DX 14M-DH0001DX 14-dy0097nr 14-dy1097nr;COMPATIBILITY :740015-002, 741727-001, TPN-LA03, 845611-001, PA-1450-56HA, 845836-850, A045R07DH, PA-1450-36HE, HSTNN-LA40, 719309-003, 721092-001, 719309-001, 740015-001 ,740015-003, ADP-45FE B, HSTNN-DA40
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - if You Do Not Like our Product or Don't Want It For Any Reason, We Will Happily Accept The Return and Give You Your Money Back. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee - 18 Months - Exchange - Phone Service is Available (Hint: Always Check Sellers Location Info to Guarantee Warranty Claims after 30 Days).We are USA based Company that Wants your Repeat Business .The series Number is 87249070.

Technical Details

EAN : 0789458462584
Brand : Emaks
Manufacturer : Dong Guan Simer Electronics Co LTD

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