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UPC barcode 787269788701 is for product Septifix Granular Drain Dissolver Treatment Especially Created For Septic Tank Owners - 100% Natural Live Bacteria Powder - Drain Hair Clog Remover + Drain Cleaner + Drain Opener

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  • ✔️ ESPECIALLY CREATED FOR SEPTIC TANK OWNERS - if your house has a septic system, most clog removers are filled with chemicals that will destroy the live bacteria in your septic system, accelerate pipe corrosion and damage seals, PLUS damage the environment. Meanwhile, our Drain Dissolver Treatment is a potent eco-friendly bacteria drain cleaner.
  • ✔️ MAKES YOUR SEPTIC TANK TREATMENT TWICE MORE EFFICIENT - Once mixed with water, the live bacteria from our granular drain treatment starts breaking down waste and dissolving clog. As the bacteria starts feeding, they exponentially increase in number, cleaning your plumbing of all the gunk that causes clogs and odors and ads to the bacteria from your septic tank.
  • ✔️ PREVENTS & SOLVES THE MOST COMMON PLUMBING PROBLEMS - Using our granular drain cleaner PREVENTS & SOLVES issues like clogged pipes, drains, tubs & sinks, or leaky faucets and pipes that can potentially cost you hundreds of dollars if you'll need to have them fixed.

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EAN : 0787269788701
Manufacturer : SEPTIFIX

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