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UPC barcode 784034963998 is for product RRRP Qty 10 Gloves and 1 Cleaning Mask Bundle (BLUE) - Protection While Cleaning, Dust

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  • Keep Your Hands And Lungs Safe While Cleaning: Customers trust our premium glove and mask bundle for sanitary clean up say they trust this bundle to keep their hands clean and lungs safe.
  • Breathable 4-Ply, Heavy-Duty Mask: Regular masks can make it hard to breathe and don’t always provide the best seal, which is why our reusable design keeps you safe with a face-contour seal and adjustable nose clip that locks out dust, chemical smells.
  • Hypoallergenic, Non-Restricting Disposable Gloves: From pro-care to in-home-use (and everything in between) our gloves are made with long-lasting hypoallergenic nitrile giving you latex-free gloves that are perfect for people with sensitive skin; Plus, nitrile flexibility means no restricted hand or finger movement, yet plenty of strength to stand up to daily chores without tearing
  • Comfy Mask and Gloves Bundle: We designed pro grade gloves that easily slide on without the use of baby powder or lubricants, and a reusable face mask that form fits to your face for a superior seal, giving you critical protection that can be worn for hours, without being uncomfortable.
  • Pro-Grade Protection On The Go: Our Pro-grade gloves and reusable face mask are a perfect combo for all of your household needs, including cleaning with skin-irritating chemicals or Dusting areas.

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