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UPC barcode 762739302304 is for product TIC-TEC Ethnic Style Automotive Seat Cushions- Low Profile car Lumbar Back Support- Lumbar Support for car seat Driver Lumbar Back Pain Relief Breathable Heat Insulation Improve Posture (Colorful1)

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  • Portable Design: Dacron material, ultrathin design. No more tying ugly straps around your seat, or having a pillow that moves side ways everytime you get in and out of your car. The is a plug-and-play version of comfort. Simply attach the hanger to the headrest, adjust it once, and you are all set to go. It is neat and beautiful when installed on the car seat, without occupying the seat space.
  • Air Motion Techonology: It’s impossible to make a one-seat-fits-all, simply because foam is static and is shaped in a fixed form, when everyone’s back contour is different. That’s exactly why we use air. It’s dynamic and can optimally support different contours, provide support for the lumbar of different people.
  • Super Thermal Insulation: If you leave the car outside for a period of time in summer, the leather seats will become hot and you cannot drive immediately. Air is used as the heat insulation layer of our cushion, which can quickly cool down after the high temperature in summer and isolate the high temperature of the seat back, which keeps your seat cool and comfortable all the time.
  • Relieve Fatigue: By absorbing the vibration generated by the car tires and the road surface, it is transmitted by the human body to the cushion to produce a slight vibration to achieve the effect of dynamic massage of the back. Reduces stress and tension on your neck, shoulder, and lumbar areas to prevent and relieve back pain.
  • Ergonomic Design: The worst thing you can do to your back is to put it in a bad posture and to keep it still. The biomechanically-sound air bladder design ergonomically corrects your sitting posture, and allows for dynamic body-weight sharing between your spine and muscles through continuous motions. All of which requires no electricity.

Technical Details

EAN : 0762739302304
Brand : TIC-TEC
Manufacturer : TIC-TEC

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