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UPC barcode 751300667461 is for product KUNFINE Car Electronic Throttle Controller Racing Accelerator Potent Booster Tuning Parts Accessory 11 Drive For AUDI A5 after 2007

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Product Details

  • 1. The product is to improve the handling of the car mainly by controlling the opening and closing of the sensitivity of the throttle, making it better adapt to different driving habit and road conditions.
  • 2.The product has these functions: P1H Manual/Comfortable Mode, P2H Manual/Sport Mode, P3H Automatic/Racing Mode, P1A Automatic/Comfortable Mode, P2A Automatic/Sport Mode, P3A Automatic/Racing Mode, SS9 One Key Overtaking Mode, Study Mode, Anti-Theft Mode, EC Fuel Economical Mode, AOF Original Mold, Each Mode, 9 Fine-Tuning Functions.
  • 3. This product has one key overtaking mode, it enables the driver to overtake easier and simpler.
  • 4.The sense of the acceleration is classified subtly from strong to weak. what's more, it applies relative smooth effective curves to make sure the accelerating sensor and keep the manipulation difficulty at the same time.
  • 5. To better identity automatic gear and manual gear, the last letter of each mode shows H/A to distinguish the different gears. Drivers can set gears based on the driving habits.

Technical Details

EAN : 0751300667461
Manufacturer : KUNFINE

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