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UPC barcode 745560943670 is for product DjuiinoStar Spinning Top (AVG 5-8 Minutes), CNC Machined from Solid Brass, High Precision Desk Toy, Waste Your Time Efficiently DST-805

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  • ★LONG SPINNING TIME: Many people can spin it 3-5 minutes. For a skilled adults it can easily spin for about 5-8 minutes (on concave glass); 10 minutes is possible but it needs skill, strength and luck. Rumor says that if you can make it last 12 minutes, Genie of the spinning top will appear and grant you three wishes. I don't know if it is true but you can have a try since it's very affordable. Anyway, if performance is your main concern, this one definitely worth a try.
  • ★PRECISION CRAFTSMANSHIP AND FINE MATERIAL: CNC machined from a solid piece of brass to ensure perfect balance and robustness; Silicon Nitride Ceramic tip provides exceptional wear resistance for long term use; lengthened stem for better grip and faster spins, and easy to spin for people with big hands!
  • ★GREAT TIME KILLER: My former colleague who's in charge of this product line was fired because he spent too much time on spinning and timing. Whenever you feel boring (shopping with your wife or your mother, waiting at airport, running for President of USA, etc.) or when you want to have a break at work, or when you have to test if you are still in your dream, this one is a good choice.
  • ★WONDERFUL GIFT TO THOSE YOU LOVE: this tiny shiny top is easy to play, easy to carry (overall size is around 1"x1"x1.2"), hard to be broken (CNC machined from solid metal), and most importantly, it can be played almost anytime, anywhere; play it with your families to see who can spin it the longest is a good idea, kids will be excited (one of them will not soon since loser maybe will have to do housework, sad); it can also be used in pursuit of perfect Zen-like state (DON'T DO THIS AT WORK!!!).
  • ★This spinning top is perfect for time killing and practicing. It will be a fancy gift for those you love. We hope you will like it and we do hope you will think it worth the money spend on it. DjuiinoStar stands behind its products, buy with confidence!

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EAN : 0745560943670
Brand : DjuiinoStar
Manufacturer : DjuiinoStar

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