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UPC barcode 709081832639 is for product Ronin Miniatures - Knight with Shield - Tin Metal Collection Infantryman Toy - Size 1/32 Scale - 54mm Action Figures - Unpainted Sculpture - Home Collectible Figurines

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  • Subject Figures: Medieval Knights were noblemen and elite soldiers in battles, wars and crusades, and otherwise acted as law enforcement officers for the king or queen of the day. Knights used the latest and greatest weapons and armor and they were master horsemen. As well as their battlefield prowess, the knights code of chivalry made humility, honour, sacrifice, faithfulness, courage and courtesy toward women important traits of their character.
  • Scale: 1:32, 54mm height. Material: Solid tin metal alloy. Secure shipping in well-protected packaging, ships within 1 day (Prime Expedited) or X-Y business days (non Prime shipment).
  • Exceptionally detailed and 100% handcrafted. Ronin craftsmen cast hot metal to form the raw miniatures, and then hand-paint them with pinpoint precision. Every single miniature is evenly-painted with the same meticulous attention to detail; to ensure Ronin quality control standards are always maintained. That’s why only Ronin miniatures have that unique standout look and feel of superior quality. If you’re looking for unbeatable quality and an impressive signature warcraft style; Ronin minia
  • Unbeatable Realism: Ronin consults closely with military experts and historians to give the metalsmiths in the Ronin foundry all the knowledge required to ensure ultimate reproduction quality. Every tiny little character trait or distinctive color shade is painstakingly worked to perfection. Right down to the last button, buckle or bootstrap. Even without the aid of loupe, its crystal clear that Ronin destroys the competition when it comes to realism.
  • Perfect as a memorable Xmas, New Year or birthday gift. Bring a little mythical fantasy to your desktop or coffee table with a Ronin miniature or few, to keep you company while you work. A joy to handle, with a tactile, luxurious finish, these hefty little statuettes are a fabulous addition to a historic warcraft collection, or can even be used as a funky paper weight.

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EAN : 0709081832639
Brand : Ronin Miniatures
Manufacturer : Ronin Miniatures

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