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UPC barcode 708478131645 is for product Butt Acne Clearing Treatment,Kinbeau Body Acne Scar Removal Treatment,Acne Spot Treatment,Cystic Acne Treatment,Pimple with Tea Tree Oil,30ML/1OZ (1 oz)

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  • Natural innovative formula to treat new and existing pimples, Ingrown Hairs, blackheads, blackheads, lumps and other blemishes on hips and legs, can also be used on the back and shoulders. Mild no stimulation.
  • The acne treatment serum also works to improve the tone of your skin. Turn the skin to be smooth and supple, repairs damaged skin.Rejuvenates skin by balancing the water and oil levels of the skin.
  • A revolutionary serum formula containing TEA TREE OL, COLLAGEN, HYALURONIC ACIN and other emollient mixtures, which can gently calm the skin, and relieve acne on buttocks or thighs,such as strawberry legs treatment,butt acne clearing treatment,razor bump treatment for bikini area,Makes the skin smooth again and prevents future outbreaks.
  • Apply to clean skin with circular motions 15 minutes till the skin absorbs the serum. Use twice a day for the best result, once in the morning and once in the evening. We guarantee you a noticeably smoother skin after 4 weeks of consecutive use of our product.
  • Acne removal kits are mild in texture and safe in composition. After many tests, it has been shown to be suitable for all kinds of skin, including sensitive muscles and acne skin. It is also good for lightening acne and blackspots, and the ingredients are well absorbed and can improve stubborn blackspots and acne scars.

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EAN : 0708478131645
Brand : Kinbeau
Manufacturer : Kinbeau

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