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UPC barcode 688977511165 is for product SunGrow Ferret Mylar Crinkle Balls, Soft, Lightweight, Shiny Foil Balls

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  • Interactive, Engaging for Small Pets --- If you have an active ferret in house and don’t know how to engage him, get these crinkle pet balls. We are sure they’ll love to carry them around, chase them or bat around. It is important to keep your pet fit and active, both mentally and physically. These SunGrow Mylar crinkle balls will keep your ferrets entertained for hours. Giving them exercise and an outlet, which will make even the most bored pets happy!
  • Bright Colored Foil Balls --- These crinkle balls come in a variety of bright metallic colors. Bust your stress playing fetch with your pets, what can be a better way to bond! Playing with crinkle balls helps cats relieve boredom, improves circulation, builds muscle and can prevent behavioral problems.
  • Interactive Crinkly Sounds --- Your kittens and cats will go wild for these little crinkle balls. Their sensitive ears will pick up the crinkly sound the ball makes every time they play and pounce on it. It is the best exercise toy, to calm down your cats in spring.
  • Shiny Mylar Textured Toy --- The Mylar material has a reflective metallic surface similar to aluminum foil. These balls are made of soft and lightweight mylar texture in the right size for cats to grasp or carry. You never need to worry about whether they will hurt your kittens even if they step on them with bare feet. It’s shiny, yet soft and is very attractive for your cat.
  • Small Size, Suitable for All Cats --- The ball measures between 1.5 - 2 inches, making this toy perfect for all sized cats. Watch as your littlest kitten or aging feline enjoys pouncing and chasing these crinkle balls.

Technical Details

EAN : 0688977511165
Brand : SunGrow
Manufacturer : Luffy Pets Collection

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