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  • Benefits: The Supro Chorus is an all-analog, full-stereo modulation stompbox that uses a pair of genuine MN3007 Bucket Brigade IC chips to deliver the thickest, most luscious Chorus effect possible in pedal form, all while maintaining exceptional headroom
  • Time Control: In addition to Speed and Depth knobs, the Supro Chorus features a Time control that increases the delay time on one side of the stereo field while shortening the delay time on the other side
  • Vibrato Switch: A Vibrato switch removes the clean pass-through signal, allowing for pure pitch modulation with the Dimension knob, introducing a more complex, double vibrato effect
  • Features: Featuring genuine Bucket Brigade IC chips, the Supro Chorus offers unimaginably luscious soundscapes, especially when played through a stereo amp setup
  • Power Supply: The pedal runs on standard 9VDC

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EAN : 0684753087824
Brand : Supro
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