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UPC barcode 674103381917 is for product Reverse osmosis pressurized water storage tank with ball valve,stainless steel pressure tank,automatic pressure water tank expansion tank,suitable for tap water storage and water supply pressurizati

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  • 1. Food-grade material: Food-grade stainless steel is widely used in high-end fields such as medical, chemical, food, industrial design, etc. because of its high-quality characteristics. It is safe, non-toxic, lead-free, non-rusting, high temperature resistant, and has good processing properties and solderability.
  • 2. High-pressure water supply: The water pressure is generated by pumping water and compressed air into the pressure tank through a water pump or tap water. When the water pressure in the tank is lower than 0.14MAP, the switch automatically turns on the water pump to pump water into the tank. When the water pressure reaches 0.28MAP, the pump automatically stops water injection.
  • 3. Safety accessories: The water tank is designed as a closed type, which has the characteristics of high water pressure, anti-leakage, high pressure resistance, and so on. Equipped with negative pressure explosion-proof safety valve pressure switch, pressure gauge, check valve and other safety accessories to ensure safe use.
  • 4. Safety performance: The three-hole design on the top of the pressure tank is equipped with a pressure gauge, a pressure switch and a built-in explosion-proof negative pressure valve. When the pressure increases, the pressure can be automatically released. The stainless steel barrel body is flattened and adopts automatic argon arc welding technology, which has excellent weldability, water resistance and high pressure resistance.
  • 5. Application: easy to operate, easy to install, can be used for tap water overpressure, tap water, agricultural/domestic water and construction water, can be used for pumping well water, garden irrigation, cleaning water, solar water heaters, etc. to meet water demand.

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EAN : 0674103381917
Brand : Household items
Manufacturer : Home Supermarket

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