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UPC barcode 671983839170 is for product PGN (4 Pack) 6200-ZZ Bearing - Lubricated Chrome Steel Sealed Ball Bearing - 10x30x9mm Bearings with Metal Shield & High RPM Support

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  • REDUCES REPLACEMENT FREQUENCY - Ultra-durable, high-quality bearings are designed to survive the roughest conditions, lowering maintenance costs and replacement frequency.
  • HIGH RPM SUPPORT - The extreme RPM support minimizes wear and tear, protecting the bearings from early failure and collapse. These bearings are designed to survive high pressure.
  • ULTRA-RESISTANT - This ball bearing is made from chrome steel and can survive severe impacts. It can also be fitted in several machines, and metal fatigue is not a problem for these bearings.
  • DUAL-SIDED METAL SHIELD - Double metal seal on both sides protects the ball bearing, safeguarding its integrity, ensuring it holds together whatever structured it is holding together.
  • BASED IN USA - Our sealed ball bearings are locally designed in South Florida with the help of our reliable industry experts.

Technical Details

EAN : 0671983839170
Brand : PGN Bearings
Manufacturer : PGN Bearings

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