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UPC barcode 647923366341 is for product LoveRPi Noir Camera for Raspberry Pi 4/3/2/Zero W (5MP, No IR Filter)

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  • NOIR CAMERA FOR RASPBERRY PI: Record crystal clear 1080P videos and capture 2592 by 1944 photos with our high performing camera for the Raspberry Pi board family. Equiped with large 1.4 by 1.4 micron sensor pixels, this module is designed for low latency and high quality imaging required for computer vision, streaming media, and remote data acquisition.
  • NO IR FILTER: Designed for low light and infrared applications, this camera module captures infrared light for higher contrast in dark environments. When combined with infrared flood lights, this module can provide high resolution footage in complete darkness. Infrared light during day time will affect the hue of the image so this camera is not for accurate color capture during the day.
  • AUTOMATIC IMAGE CONTROLS: This module will intelligently adjust white balance, exposure, sensitivity, black levels to optimize for best image quality. Additionally, it has built-in 50Hz/60Hz anti-flickering, lens correction, and defective pixel cancelling functions.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION FOR ALL PI MODELS: Two FPC cables of different length for Raspberry Pi 4, Pi 3, Pi 2, Pi B+ are included. PFC cable adapter for Raspberry Pi Zero, Pi Zero W, and Pi 0WH are also included. Open a terminal, type in "sudo raspi-config", select "5 Interfacing Options", select "P1 Camera", select "Enable", and then you will be prompted to reboot.
  • USER UTILITIES: There are two command-line utility "raspistill" and "raspivid" for capture images and videos respectively. There are user-developed open-source GUI applications called PiCameraApp and PiVision available on GitHub. Perfect for Octoprint and other camera applications tailored for the Raspberry Pi.

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EAN : 0647923366341
Brand : LoveRPi
Manufacturer : LoveRPi

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