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UPC barcode 632726142858 is for product VELUXAR Premium Adjustable Contour Memory Foam Neck Pillow with an Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Sleeping and Orthopedic Use. Includes 100% Silk Sleep Mask

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  • ☑ RELIEVE PAIN WHILE YOU SLEEP: Finally, get that deep, peaceful sleep you’ve been dreaming of with the VELUXAR memory foam neck pillow! Our signature blend of slow rebound memory foam gently cradles your neck and offers firm support without compressing your shoulders or back. No more tossing and turning in pain or ache-filled days
  • ☑ ADJUSTABLE, ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Comfortably sleep on your back, get total alignment on your side or effortlessly shift to your stomach with 360 degrees of neck support. With an ergonomic shape that contours to align your neck, you’ll get full support in ANY position. Plus, get a different kind of relief when you reduce your partner’s noisy snoring (ahhh, sweet silence!).
  • ☑ NECK WEDGE EXTENSION: Experience deep pain relief from the base of your skull to tension-filled shoulders with a built-in neck wedge that spans the length of your cervical spine. Unlike traditional pillows that suspend your neck instead of bracing it, our hypoallergenic pillows offer extended wedge support to increase cervical elasticity and reduce shock.
  • ☑ BREATHABLE COTTON PILLOWCASE: Stay cooler for longer with breathable knitted cotton that stops overheating and ensures deep, uninterrupted sleep. An innovative, four-grid design allows air to permeate the pillow for improved breathability and more regulated temperatures while you sleep. No more sweat-soaked pillows or uncomfortably hot nights!
  • ☑ SLOW REBOUND MEMORY FOAM: Made from our signature blend of slow rebound memory foam, the VELUXAR contour pillow isn’t just soft and supportive -- it’s made with the highest quality of materials, to withstand the test of time!

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EAN : 0632726142858
Manufacturer : “NA”

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