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UPC barcode 616908945406 is for product BiteKing Ceramic Cat Bowl, Whisker Fatigue Relief Cat Food Dish, Shallow Wide Pet Feeding Plate for Cat, Kitten and Kitty, Short Legged Munchkin Cat

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  • Whisker Fatigue Is Real: Have you seen your cat pacing in front of the bowls and keeping meowing? Pawing at food and water to try and pull it from the bowl? Acting more aggressive when food is given to them out of the dish? These are the common symptoms of whisker fatigue, which may seem silly, but evidence suggests that whisker fatigue is real. If cat's whisker brushes against the sides of the regular bowl (Too Narrow & Deep) every time she dips her head to eat, this can cause whisker stress
  • Wide & Shallow & Flat to Prevent Whisker Fatigue: Combating with whisker stress is simple, as easy as replacing your cat's bowls, veterinarians recommend. Unlike regular dishes, we created cat bowls that are specifically designed to be whisker friendly. These dishes have a wider opening and is shallow, so the cat's whiskers don't brush against the sides of the bowl while they eat or drink. Due to the hygienic and sanitary qualities, they will help you clear up the feline acne on cat's chin
  • Lead Free & Non Toxic & Eco Friendly: Most cat dishes are made from plastic, ceramic and stainless steel. Plastic is the worst option which contain chemicals that disrupt an animals hormonal balance. Also, plastic accumulates deep scratches that harbor insanitary things. Stainless steel don't usually come in colors or designs to fit any décor. The #1 choice of vets is ceramic. Our dishes are made in a facility that typically makes human grade products for the healthcare and food industries
  • Easy to Clean & Dishwasher Safe: Cleanup is a breeze for the bowls that can be individually removed to the dishwasher. Our cereamic cat dishes can easily be cleaned with mild dish soap and warm water. In addition, they are also dishwasher safe, making for easy cleanup
  • Practical & Stylish Design: Made from durable and food grade ceramic, these cat food bowls are microwave and oven safe. Dishes are perfect for cat food—both wet and dry. Our cat food dish features 2 handles of the bowl on either side, convenient for you to pick up and easy to drop off. Ripples on the bottom of the dish holds the food in the center and prevents sliding and allows your cat to get the food easily, especially great for can good. Holds 1 Cup/8 oz of food to prevent overfeeding

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EAN : 0616908945406
Brand : BiteKing
Manufacturer : BiteKing

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