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UPC barcode 612070187156 is for product Toferner Knife Thor- Original Gift-Knife - Thor Hammer - Hand Forged Knife - Sports- Hand Made Genuine Leather Case- Hardened Blade - Art Collection- Antiquity.Idea Beautiful Product

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  • Mjølnir was Thor 's powerful Asgardian enchanted war- hammer.
  • It was made from this special metal from the heart of a dying star
  • Mjølnir was forged in the heart of a dying star and was stored in Odin´s Vault in Asgard
  • LOVERS OF THE PAST: Unfortunately no time machine can take you back in time, but you can still feel like being in antiquity by holding this knife! Just facing its hand forged design and the genuine leather case, will take your mind away!
  • THE PERFECT PRESENT IDEA FOR ART LOVERS: Are you once again in the pursuit of the ideal present? Offer this gift and you will be remembered for your choice! A vintage valuable can always been proudly used as a unique ornament!

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EAN : 0612070187156
Brand : Toferner
Manufacturer : Toferner

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