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UPC barcode 370797801051 is for product Dr. Talbot's Disposable Kid's Face Mask for Personal Health, Boy 2-5 Years, Prints May Vary, 10 Count

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Product Details

  • Please note: Per international regulations, Dr. Talbot’s is required to include an expiration date on packaging. This date does not reflect the efficacy of the masks. Dr. Talbot’s Face Masks do not expire.
  • Make sure your children are protected with masks made for them. Dr. Talbot’s Kid’s Face Masks are sized to fit children from the age of 6 to 12 years.
  • Masks don’t have to be boring! Dr. Talbot’s Kid’s Face Masks come in fun patterns and designs.
  • Wearing masks for prolonged periods of time can cause unnecessary discomfort. The masks have soft, reinforced ear loops that are made to be gentle on little ears.
  • Dr. Talbot’s Kid’s Face Masks are made of breathable material designed for comfort. With a 3-layer filter design, your child can still breathe easy while protected from debris and allergens.
  • Dr. Talbot’s Kid’s Masks are all about protecting your child from every angle. A bendable nose clip helps create the best fit possible while providing full coverage to your child’s nose and mouth.
  • Dust and allergens don’t need to follow you home from the park or the grocery store. The kid’s masks are single use and disposable.

Technical Details

EAN : 0370797801051
Brand : Dr. Talbot's
Manufacturer : NUBZB

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