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UPC barcode 184368000190 is for product All Seasons Liquid Bokashi – Kickstart Composting & Reduce Odors, Liquid Compost Starter Spray Works with Any Indoor Compost Crock, Pail, Kit, Bucket, 8 fl.oz. by SCD Probiotics

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  • MAKES COMPOSTING CONVENIENT, QUICK, AND EASY: Bokashi composting is easy to do in your kitchen, reduces the trash you’re sending to the landfill, and helps your garden. A win-win-win.
  • CONVENIENT AND COST-EFFECTIVE: Liquid Bokashi is an easy-to-use alternative to dry Bokashi bran: simply spray over scraps after adding them to your Bokashi composting bucket. Plus Liquid Bokashi delivers more servings per bottle and takes up less space than our 2.2 lb. bag of dry Bokashi bran.
  • COMPOST MORE – EVEN MEAT: Traditional composting has a lot of rules and “no-no’s” but Bokashi composting frees you from those: use Liquid Bokashi to ferment all kinds of food and organic waste, even meat, bones, cheeses, and oily foods. No more worrying about perfectly balancing browns and greens either.
  • MORE NUTRITIOUS COMPOST: Bokashi composting creates less CO2 and retains more food waste nutrients - which means higher-quality, more nutritious compost for your plants.
  • REDUCES COMPOST & HOUSEHOLD ODORS: Because Bokashi composting is a low oxygen fermentation process, you can compost without stinky putrefaction or flies. It can even be used to reduce odors around the house, like kitty litter, composting toilets, and more.

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EAN : 0184368000190
Brand : SCD Probiotics
Manufacturer : SCD Probiotics

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