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UPC barcode 009068032411 is for product XP Metal Detectors ORX Detector - Specialized in Gold Hunting - FX02 Wired Headphones, WSAUDIO Wireless Headphones, HF Coil (9'') up to 50kHz, Remote Control and S-Telescopic Lite Stem (ORX-22FX02E)

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Product Details

  • The ORX metal detector uses the 10 Times faster wireless technology compared to Bluetooth low latency technology using the XP patented radio protocol system.
  • Salt mode ground rejection from 00 to 25 in order to have the best possible efficiency with gold search on highly conductive soil (salt lake or beach).
  • Adjust the discrimination level from 0 to 99 and the 5 levels of IAR (Iron Amplitude Rejection) discrimination from 0 to 5 to reject any target with a conductivity level lower than the selected setting.
  • Separate the WSAUDIO control module from the rest of the headset for connecting a wired headset (optional) or easily replacing the back phone frame.
  • 3 main frequencies (13, 26 and 59 kHz) and 7 wide offset variations, the X35 coil offers a total of 35 different frequencies helping to adapt your machine to the soil characteristics and your desired target.
  • The WSAUDIO wireless headphones (optional) allows you to have the sound of your ORX metal detector without having to use wired headphones.

Technical Details

EAN : 0009068032411
Manufacturer : XP Metal Detectors

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