Blogs in English

  • ARC: Anthropology of the Contemporary Research Collaboratory. ARC is an experimental project in collaborative research in the human sciences. It includes current collaborations on “vital systems security”, synthetic biology and nanotechnology and “biopower.” The site includes links to blogs that cover each of these areas.
  • The Bubble Chamber: Where history and philosophy of science meets society and public policy.
  • Buridan’s Ass Science, law, ethics, philosophy, and politics. Buridan’s Ass refers to a Medieval paradox concerning the logic of rationality and freewill read more. If you become a Buridan’s Ass fan, as you very well may, you have to get yourself a Buridan’s Ass Teddy Bear.This blog now seem solely devoted to Go.
  • Design Culture Lab A blog on public technologies written by anthropologist Anne Galloway.
  • Difference Engines Group blog exploring intersections of feminist theory and technoculture. Authors come from STS, Informatics, Art, and other disciplines.
  • Gustav Holmberg A list of sts blogs collated by Gustav Holmberg
  • “Mindfull” by Student Pugwash USA MindFull is a blog project of Student Pugwash USA, an educational, nonprofit organization that prepares science, technology and policy students to make social responsibility a guiding focus of their academic and professional endeavors.
  • Open Codex: Open Communities, Media, Source, and Standards. Author: Joseph Reagle, a graduate student at NYU.
  • The Post-Normal Times – Putting Science into Context An Environmental Science & Policy blog, for all the news that doesn’t fit!
  • Ragesoss Blog of Sage Ross, history of science graduate student at Yale.
  • Relevant History Future studies and history, all in one, by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang.
  • Reasonable Excuse @Andybalmer, sociologist of science at University of Manchester, blogging on neuroscience, synthetic biology, lie detection, collaboration, STS and post-ELSI.
  • Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology “Savage Minds is a collective web log devoted to both bringing anthropology to a wider audience as well as providing an online forum for discussing the latest developments in the field. We are a group of Ph.D. students and professors teaching and studying anthropology and are excited to share it with you.” RSS
  • Somatosphere A collaborative weblog covering the intersections of medical anthropology, science and technology studies, cultural psychiatry and bioethics.

Inactive but still live blogs:

  • Charles Babbage Institute News and Information – Inactive News, resources, and other information for current and potential researchers at the Charles Babbage Institute, an archives at the University of Minnesota for the history of information technology.
  • Epistemographer – Inactive Blog of Josh Greenberg, who’s currently hanging out at George Mason University’s Center for History and New Media.
  • Projectories – Inactive Links, thoughts, news, conferences and findings in the science & technology studies and educational technology fields. Author: Francis Lee (Ph.D. Student at the Department of Technology and Social Change (Tema-T), at Linköping University, Sweden.

Blogs in French

  • Eric Brian, who teaches history of science at the Ecole normale supérieure and is head of topic for the Sciences de la Société doctoral school (ENS/EHESS), has launched his blog-like website, as soon as 1999.
  • Enro maintains Enro, scientifique et citoyen. Another French blog about interactions between science and society with strong plea for consensus conferences and public understanding of science. The author is a patent information specialist currently studying an MSc in Social studies of science and technology at Université Louis Pasteur, France.
  • François maintains “Boîte Noire”, a blog with notes on the strong programme and the Edinburgh school, where he has taken a few classes from September to December 2006, notably on the Sociology of scientific knowledge (SSK) with David Bloor. Some of his posts draw loosely on STS material, e.g. his post on public understandings of science. François studies in Grenoble and visited in Edinburgh, two cities with STS programmes.

Both Enro and François are enrolled in the Circle for Scientific Assessment and in the Café des Sciences, a collective initiative that groups science-orientated blogs written in French.

  • A blog (sort of) by Rigas Arvanitis. Contains personal musings but has two professional sections. One on science and technology policy and another on technological learning, that is the experience of entreprises in acquiring and developing technology, specially so in the developing world. Rigas is also member of Knowledge and development team at IRD (France).
  • scriptopolis is a blog on objects, traces, practices, and so on, by a group of French sociologists very much into sociology of science, Philippe Artières, Jérôme Denis, David Pontille and Didier Torny.
  • | Un carnet sur l’évaluation de la recherche en SHS. A blog on evaluation of research in social sciences. Since 2008.
  • You may find here a catalogue of blogs in French on Science studies.

Blogs in Other Languages